Coronavirus. Support our local and small businesses during this difficult time. 

Coronavirus. Support our local and small businesses during this difficult time. 

Brothers and Sisters:
As the entire world is faced with the concern of the new Coronavirus known as COVID-19, I feel it is important to speak to this topic with all our Slow Food Toronto membership.

This is a strange and difficult time. We are all concerned about what the coronavirus pandemic means for our health, our livelihoods, our food system, and our communities, both in the short and long term.

We hope that this current situation will not detract from the exceptional artisans, cooks, bakers, and farmers that work diligently to provide local, fresh and handmade items for customers every day, while supporting their families, and their communities.

We at Slow Food are trying to save the planet by encouraging people to live in a healthy and sustainable manner.

We invite you to Support Local And Small Businesses:
• It shows you care about your local community. The number one perk to consider, for obvious reasons, is that supporting local means that you care about the community that you live in. You’ll be able to put money back into your community and the other people who call it home, too.
• It shows respect to the business owners. Local business owners don’t have the funds to go big or go home, so when you buy local you are going to be respecting that they are getting out there every day and trying their best to make an honest living even against all of the competition out there.
• You’re helping bring character to the commercial world. The commercial world is full of companies that all offer basically identical options. It’s hard to find anything that is entirely unique anymore.
• You’ll get unique products. Unlike big corporations, shopping local is going to offer you unique products that will be as incredible as you think they will. You’ll find unique twists on traditional possessions, or entirely unique ideas that create products that you never even knew you needed before you saw them in that shop.
• They always want the best final result, not your money. There’s no secret about it, a big company is going to be all about the money. They only care about making a final profit so they can get richer and pay their shareholders a fat return on their investment. Not to mention that lots of them provide lower quality products that are less fresh and full of trashy ingredients. A local company is more than that. They’ll guarantee you a product that is the real deal. A reliable purchase that will promise you quality and a fresh twist on something that you saw by a big brand elsewhere.
• You are giving people jobs. There’s no question that the job market is tight these days, and by shopping local, you are keeping a business open (one that cares about you) and giving people jobs within it so that you can help the local economy in more ways than one.

When it comes to supporting a local business, you can do a lot of good even if you don’t want to shop there for whatever reason. Follow them on social media and make sure you share their deals or sales or announcements so that you can network and help them get a wider net for people who will be interested in shopping there.

We want to spend a moment to talk about basic and simple hygiene practices that, according to the CDC, we can all practice to help each other maintain a level of potential protection against the spread of any and all viruses, including COVID-19:
• Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if the soap is not available with at least 60% alcohol.
• Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or cloth when you sneeze or cough
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Finally, a note of caution as Spring and Easter Break approaches to keep in mind these protocols when looking at family travel and these best practices.

In this uncertain moment, I have every confidence in our community’s ability to pull together with kindness, care and concern for the common good.

In Solidarity,
Luciano Schipano
President – Leader Slow Food Toronto

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