Farmer & Chef Taste and Talk @ Montgomery’s Restaurant – February 7th, 2017

January 23, 2017

Taste and Talk with Chef Guy Rawlings of Montgomery’s Restaurant and Farmers Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd of Grassroots Organics 

Join Slow Food Toronto, Chef Guy Rawlings of Montgomery’s and Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd of Grassroots Organics in the Kawartha Lakes area for a discussion and unique tasting focused on the culinary values practiced at Montgomery’s restaurant on February 7th, 2017, from 6 – 7:30 pm.

Chef Guy Rawlings uses local urban & rural, farmed — from farms like Grassroots Organics — and foraged products that are harvested during the summer & fall months. He then applies timeless preservation techniques & methodologies, which makes these foods evolve to last through the winter months into new levels of deliciousness — and with added health benefits.

We will highlight how businesses can promote seasonality along various stages of the food chain … from the grower/harvester, through to distribution, to the restaurant and onto the diner’s plate.

Sample and taste some of the quirky culinary projects that Guy uses everyday to enhance the flavour & shelf-life of the foods we use. Listen to Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd speak about how they work with chefs to enable us to eat locally during the winter.


  • Crispy sunchokes with preserved green apricots
  • Cabbage with malt syrup and salted wild grapes
  • Sourdough cultured butter
  • Fermented cabbage



Ticket cost: $30 for Slow Food Toronto Members/ $35 non-members.

In addition to the Taste and Talk, Guy and Kim of Montgomery’s will also be hosting a full dinner after the Taste and Talk from 7:30 – 9pm for $45/ person + tax/tip. To reserve a seat call 647-748-4416.

Cook for Syria TO Photos

December 23, 2016

On December 10th, 2016, we hosted “Cook for Syria T.O.” at The Depanneur with The Newcomer Kitchen. Here are some photos from the event. Thanks to all who made this special evening a big success! [Photos by Ed Rek]

dinner-photo-9 dinner-photo-7 dinner-photo-8 dinner-photo06 dinner-photo-5


dinner-photo-4 dinner-photo-1 dinner-photo-2

Cook For Syria – December 10th, 2016

November 21, 2016


Slow Food Toronto is proud to announce that we are partnering with The Depanneur and the Newcomer Kitchen to host an event in celebration of Syrian food and the Newcomer Kitchen. December 10th is Terra Madre Day – Slow Food International’s day to promote the diversity of food traditions around the world. It’s also a day in celebration of how the Slow Food movement uses its creativity and knowledge to express love for the planet and defend the future for the next generations.

Join us on Saturday December 10th at 6:30 pm at The Depanneur.

A very special thank you to 100 KM Foods and The Big Carrot for sponsoring this event!

100-km-foods         big-carrot-toronto


Starter ~ Fattoush Salad فتوش & Fattayer Jibneh فطاير جبنة

This popular Levantine salad (Fattoush Salad) is made using toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens, fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and radish, but varies according to season and region. Mint and parsley lend a freshness and fragrance, and dried sumac (the same staghorn sumac that grows here in Ontario) gives the olive oil-based dressing a distinctive tangy flavour.

Fatayer are a whole category delicious small baked treats that range from open-face, pizza-like flatbreads to cute little baked turnovers, with countless different shapes and fillings. Two cheese Fatayer will be served – muhamarra (spicy red pepper) or zataar (thyme and sesame).

The Main ~ El Maldoum  ملضوم & Khyar Belaban 

Maldoum can be found in kitchens from Turkey to Lebanon; this is a more rustic, countryside version of of the dish, that adds green peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, which are traditionally arranged in attractive layered patterns in a large shallow round pan before baking. A meat and vegetarian version will be served alongside a combination of short-grain rice and fried vermicelli noodles. This dish will be served with Khyar Belaban. Much like tzatziki, it’s well-known Greek cousin, this combines cool yogurt with garlic and cucumbers, but the addition of mint makes for an especially cool and refreshing salad.

Dessert ~ Harissa هريسة & Figs // Dates with Tahini and Grape Molasses 

A relative of Namoura or Babousa, Harissa is one of the region’s many delicious syrup-soaked semolina cakes. This one doesn’t use yogurt, but rather tahini, giving an extra rich and nutty flavour. Figs with walnuts, and dates with almonds, with tahini & grape molasses for dipping will also be served.

Tea and Coffee 

Tickets are $60 for Slow Food Toronto Members and $70 for non-members. We are encouraging people to purchase tickets soon if they are interested in attending this unique event.

K2 Milling Tour – September 17th, 2016


*** Please note: this event is now taking place on Saturday, September 17th from 2 – 4 pm. Hope to see you there!

Have you ever wondered how your pasta is made or where the flour comes from to make your favourite pastries and bread? Or what the life of a miller is like? If so, this event is just for you! Join us for a tour of K2 Milling, one of Canada’s first certified organic flour mills, on Saturday, September 17th from 2 – 4 pm. Mark Hayhoe, the owner and a third generation Ontario miller has an array of knowledge about local grains (barley, rye, buckwheat, different kinds of wheat and more), and he’ll lead us on a tour through his unique mill to tell the story of how grains are milled and turned into flours before they are sent off to be processed into so many products we all consider staples. K2 Milling is focused on ensuring that Ontario’s local grain market flourishes — it is surely not your run-of-the-mill enterprise. This informative, fun afternoon is meant for anyone interested in learning more about the food they eat, about our local food system and for (aspiring) home bakers/ foodies who’d like to discover how flours are made. All ages are welcome. We will also be serving a light meal consisting of heritage grain organic bread made from K2 Milling flour.

In addition, we will also sample Toronto Distillery Co. spirits made with grains milled at K2 Milling.

Tickets: $30 for Slow Food Toronto members/ $35 for non-members.

Note: K2 Milling is about an hour outside of Toronto. We are coordinating carpooling options for those who need it. If you’d like to be involved (if you have a spot or need a ride, email [email protected]).

k2-milling-mary-wales-slow-food-toronto (2)

Summer Potluck and Wood-Oven Pizza at the Wychwood Barns – August 13th, 2016

July 23, 2016

pizza-Slow Food Toronto is happy to announce our next event: a summer potluck at the Wychwood Barns (601 Christie Street, Toronto) on Saturday August 13th (5 – 7 pm)!! We’ll be firing up the outdoor oven for some wood-oven pizza. The dough will be made with “Einkorn”, the original wheat, and “Marquis”, a heritage Canadian wheat supplied by Paul and Sara Spence of the Culinary Farm and Roger Rivest Marketing.

We are asking people to bring just their toppings for the pizza. Think local ingredients and summer flavours — the possibilities are almost endless.

Dawn Woodward of Evelyn’s Crackers will also talk about heritage grains and their importance in today’s cuisine. As the co-founder and owner of a small-batch cracker company, Dawn and her partner Ed Rek, leaders and pioneers in the heritage grains movement, have truly mastered their baking craft while focusing on using local, sustainably-produced and organic heritage grains. This will be great opportunity to learn about grains — a food that is often overlooked even though it’s been a staple throughout the ages.

Organic VQA wine by the glass will also be available (thank you to Southbrook Winery, Frog Pond Farm Winery and Tawse Winery).

 We hope to see you there out in the sun for some summer fun! Proceeds from the event will go to The Stop.

Slow Food Toronto Launches Slow Fish

Toronto, ON (February 24, 2012) — Swept up by a vibrant current of fantastic fish tales and deep-water adventures, Slow Food Toronto is going ‘Fishing After Dark’. On Saturday March 3, 2012 you are invited to join us for an evening that will define a new era in sustainable fish awareness for Torontonians. The launch of Slow Fish Toronto, at Hooked, 888 Queen Street East, from 9pm to 11pm, sets the stage with special guests and inspired creations prepared by local chefs, connecting Canadians to one of our greatest resources, our fish. “Going fishing, the slow way, to rediscover traditional recipes and methods of cooking and preserving seafood, is just one of the exciting things we plan to do with Slow Fish Toronto in the years to come,” says Slow Food Co-Leader Voula Halliday.



The World We Want: An evening with Frances Moore Lappé

December 29, 2011
francis-moore-lappeThe visionary author of the bestseller Diet for a Small Planet, Frances Moore Lappé is still shaking up our myths about markets, food, and the environment. She challenges us to change the way we think, so that we can create the world we want.

USC Canada invites you to join them for an inspiring evening with visionary author Frances Moore Lappé.

When: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – 7:30pm
Where: Wychwood Barns (Barn 2) – 601 Christie Street, Toronto
Questions? Please contact [email protected].

Slow Food Spotlight: The Stop’s Community Kitchens

the-stop-slow-food-torontoBy Michele Vernet – Michele currently works at Sunnybrook Hospital in the Odette Cancer Centre. She loves fresh, beautiful produce and local food initiatives that build capacity and healthy communities. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health.

Anyone with a love of food can attest to the joy of cooking with friends and family. You could chalk it up to a shared love of delicious food but there seems to be more to it than that. Something happens when people gather in a kitchen to create a meal together and celebrate their labour. Kitchens have long represented comfort, warmth and intimacy; where stories are shared and relationships take shape. Many of us take the ability to cook and share meals together for granted. For those who are marginalized be it for reasons related to socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity or mental health, the Stop seeks to reach out and create a community within a community through cooking. I sat down with Wei Su, a registered holistic nutritionist and the Community Kitchens Coordinator, to talk about The Stop’s different programs. Continue reading Slow Food Spotlight: The Stop’s Community Kitchens

Edible Tree Tour

August 12, 2011

Edible Tree Tour showcases the bounty of Toronto’s urban forest

Join LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests), Growing for Green, Not Far From the Tree and Forbes Wild Foods for an Edible Tree Tour of the neighbourhood around Ben Nobleman Park. Yummy tree treats available to sample and for purchase.

When: Sunday, August 14, 2011 – 10:30am-12:00pm
Where: Ben Nobleman Park, Toronto (opposite Eglinton West subway station)
Cost: $5 (suggested donation) – registration recommended at

Kyle Ferguson
Manager, Marketing and Communications, LEAF
T: 416-413-9244 x 16
M: 416-819-5631
E: [email protected]

Other Info:
This is a family-friendly event

Culture & Cuisine Cavalcade

May 18, 2011

culture-cuisine-slow-food-torontoLearn. Discuss. Eat!

The Culture and Heritage Institute (CHI) has hosted an annual Symposia on Cultural and Heritage Tourism for the past fours years with representation from across the arts, culture, hospitality and tourism industries, as well as local and provincial ministries, and UNESCO and other international agencies.

This year, the focus is on specific industries while embracing culture, heritage, tourism.. and the first one explores tastes, healthy eating and culture and its many influences on cuisines.

When: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 – 8:00am to 4:00pm
Where: Historic Montgomery’s Inn – 4709 Dundas Street West, Toronto – MAP IT
Ticket Info: $195 (until May 15); $225 (after)

Contact: Carole Orane, Administrative Assistant, Culture & Heritage Institute
Tel: 416.289.5000 x 3360; Email: [email protected]

Other Info:
Sustainability, Conviviality, Education,Taste