K2 Milling Tour – September 17th, 2016


*** Please note: this event is now taking place on Saturday, September 17th from 2 – 4 pm. Hope to see you there!

Have you ever wondered how your pasta is made or where the flour comes from to make your favourite pastries and bread? Or what the life of a miller is like? If so, this event is just for you! Join us for a tour of K2 Milling, one of Canada’s first certified organic flour mills, on Saturday, September 17th from 2 – 4 pm. Mark Hayhoe, the owner and a third generation Ontario miller has an array of knowledge about local grains (barley, rye, buckwheat, different kinds of wheat and more), and he’ll lead us on a tour through his unique mill to tell the story of how grains are milled and turned into flours before they are sent off to be processed into so many products we all consider staples. K2 Milling is focused on ensuring that Ontario’s local grain market flourishes — it is surely not your run-of-the-mill enterprise. This informative, fun afternoon is meant for anyone interested in learning more about the food they eat, about our local food system and for (aspiring) home bakers/ foodies who’d like to discover how flours are made. All ages are welcome. We will also be serving a light meal consisting of heritage grain organic bread made from K2 Milling flour.

In addition, we will also sample Toronto Distillery Co. spirits made with grains milled at K2 Milling.

Tickets: $30 for Slow Food Toronto members/ $35 for non-members.

Note: K2 Milling is about an hour outside of Toronto. We are coordinating carpooling options for those who need it. If you’d like to be involved (if you have a spot or need a ride, email [email protected]).

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  1. Working with dough of many different types over the years, you look at flour as a means to a finished product. Making sponge, laminated dough, brioche, etc, etc… your finished product is the goal. You add some very hot and wet apricot jam to extend shelf life or some melted butter to the cinnamon to add flavour and easier to spread, but what about the flour?
    The K2 tour was such an interesting visit, and then Mark Heyhoe knowledge and understanding of flour and milling is encyclopedic! What we learn from Mark was ever so useful, wished I taped him speaking. But now I have five different flours for making bread, and then some pastry flour, which I need to use up. I want to and we all need to be purchasing K2 flour, not just for the flavour, which is more than reason enough! But for also the simple fact that we are supporting someone who is not only passionate about his craft, milling flour, but this fine product, with such flavour is being produced by a craftsman.
    Have used different flours, used flour from different places, used different sugars and from different places, have even eaten sourdough bread from Paris, but I have never had flour that tasted like K2 flour! I may sound a little eccentric or just right out odd, and I’m fine with that, but this flour’s flavour is beyond the Pale, it is REALLY something very special.

    1. Thank you for your comment Daniel — we are glad that you are enjoying baking and tasting K2 Milling flour! It was great to spend the afternoon learning from Mark — I (Mary) agree that he has incredible knowledge about his craft and I appreciate what he is doing to keep our food system alive and well! I hope to see you at another event soon!

  2. Thanks, am going for sure 100%. Have been up to my elbows in dough over the years, should have a better understanding of the flour milling process, will be there with bells on!

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