2015 Annual General Meeting

May 27, 2015

At the end of April 2015, Slow Food Toronto came together to hold the Annual General Meeting – it was a lovely gathering at The Hogtown Cure which brought together a variety of community members looking to support good, clean and fair food.

These are the minutes from that meeting, taken by Jeffrey Levitt.

Minutes of 2015 Slow Food Toronto Annual General Meeting

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Slow Food Toronto Convivium  was held on April 26, 2015 at Hogtown Cure, 1484 Dundas Street west, Toronto, Ontario.

The meeting was called to order at 3:40 p.m. by Dawn Woodward, Leader of Slow Food Toronto.

Dawn reviewed the Agenda for the meeting.

Dawn began by introducing Chris Schroer, chef at Hogtown Cure, who spoke to those attending the meeting about his restaurant and the food principles that the restaurant furthers.   Dawn thanked Chris, on behalf of Slow Food Toronto, for making his restaurant available for the AGM.

Dawn then introduced and acknowledged the directors and officers of Slow Food Toronto.

Jeffrey Levitt, a member of Slow Food Toronto, presented to the meeting the financial statements of the corporation for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2014, prepared by Brian Borts. It was moved by Paul Decampo, and seconded by Marina Queirolo, that the financial statements be accepted, and the motion was carried unanimously.

The meeting then considered the appropriateness of a full audit for the financial statements of the corporation, given the modest income of Slow Food Toronto and the potential costs of such an audit.  It was moved by Ruth Allen, and seconded by Dawn Woodward, that the corporation be exempt from the audit requirements of the Corporations Act regarding the appointment and duties of an auditor, and that Brian Borts, Chartered Accountant, prepare the financial statements for the current financial year, and the motion was carried unanimously.

Slow Food Toronto has three directors whose terms run for two years.  One of the directors – Paul Decampo – is in the middle of his term, which continues until the 2016 Annual General Meeting.  The terms of the other two directors – Dawn Woodward and Laura Buckley – have ended.

Laura Buckley resigned as a director, effective as of the date of the Annual General Meeting.  Dawn has agreed to continue to serve as a director.  No other nominations for directors were put forward.  Dawn’s election as a director for a term of two years was unanimously approved.    The directors of Slow Food Toronto will continue efforts to seek a third director for the convivium.

The meeting then considered new business.

Marina Queirolo, Membership Secretary for Slow Food Toronto, explained the role of the convivium and described the opportunities and benefits of membership, particularly the opportunity to participate in the slow food network of Toronto, and in international networks through Slow Food International.   There are currently about 64 members of Slow Food Toronto.  Marina encouraged people to join Slow Food Toronto and to become involved in its activities.

Paul Decampo spoke about Pam Cuthbertson, an early proponent of the slow food movement in Toronto, who recently passed away. Paul is proposing a pot-luck dinner to honour Pam and her commitment and role in encouraging slow food ideals in Canada.

Erin Maynes and Marina Queirolo spoke about Slow Talks, which are proposed regular, and accessible, events where people in the food community speak about current trends and activities in the slow food community.  A number of ideas for sessions were presented and people were invited to comment on proposed topics, and suggest other ones.

Dawn Woodward spoke about the “officer” positions in Slow Food Toronto, including Leader (President), Co-Leader (Vice-President), Treasurer, Secretary, and leaders of Committees.  Several people expressed interest in these positions and spoke briefly to the meeting.  The directors will meet to appoint officers and committee leaders.

Elin Marley spoke about Learning Gardens, in which youth are exposed to, and learn about, the production of food through gardens associated with schools.  Elin believes that that there is a role for Slow Food Toronto in the learning garden initiative, as both share and promote slow food values.

Special thanks were expressed to Dawn Woodward for the significant contribution she has made to Slow Food Toronto over the past few years, and especially for her role as Leader in guiding and coordinating the convivium, which are greatly appreciated by Slow Food Toronto members.

The meeting concluded at 4:30 p.m.

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    I am looking for the emails for either Jeff Levitt or his wife, Ruth. My violin class had the good fortune to play at a Slow Foods function a few years ago. I used to teach their daughter violin and have lost contact with her. Thanks for your help.
    May Ing(Ruehle)

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