2014 Slow Food Toronto AGM Minutes

Minutes of Slow Food Toronto Annual General MeetingThe 2013 Annual General Meeting of Slow Food Toronto Convivium  was held on May 14, 2014 at Nico’s Bakery, 1540 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Dawn Woodward, President.

Dawn reviewed the Agenda, which had been circulated to members with their notice of the meeting.

Jeffrey Levitt, a member of Slow Food Toronto, presented to the meeting the financial statements for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2013, prepared by Mascot Associates. It was moved by Dawn Woodward, and seconded by Ruth Allen, that the financial statements be accepted, and the motion was carried unanimously.

The meeting then considered the appropriateness of a full audit for the financial statements of the corporation, given the modest income of Slow Food Toronto and the potential costs of such an audit.  It was moved by Paul Decampo, and seconded by Laura Buckley, that the corporation be exempt from the audit requirements of the Corporations Act regarding the appointment and duties of an auditor, and that Brian Borts, Chartered Accountant, prepare the financial statements for the current financial year, and the motion was carried unanimously.

Slow Food Toronto has three directors whose terms run for two years.  Two of the directors – Dawn Woodward and Laura Buckley – are in the middle of their terms, which continue until the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  The term of the third director – Paul Decampo – has ended.  A nomination of Paul as a director was received, and no other nominations for directors were put forward. Paul’s election as a director for a term of two years was unanimously approved.

The meeting then considered new business.

Laura Buckley spoke to the meeting about the Slow Food Canada 2014 National Conference in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia on May 1- 4, 2014, which she attended on behalf of Slow Food Toronto.  In addition to representatives of Canadian Slow Food convivia, the national meeting was attended by Paolo Di Croce , General Secretary of Slow Food International, and representatives of Slow Fish International and of Slow Food USA.   A new executive for Slow Food Canada was elected, and discussions took place about issues of interest to Canadian convivia, the financing support of Slow Food Canada, and possible collaboration with Slow Food USA.

Laura is chair of the Ark of Taste Commission for Slow Food in Canada and spoke about the nomination of ingredients and products that are in danger of being forgotten in our Canadian food culture to the Ark of Taste.

Dawn informed the meeting that Slow Food Toronto, together with the Dan DeMatteis fund, will sponsor the attendance of three youth delegates to Terra Madre in Turin this fall.

Dawn also informed the meeting that Slow Food Toronto will participate in Doors Open Toronto in May, and that a number of events are being considered for the summer and fall, including a cheese event in the summer, an heirloom apple event with Susan Poizner, a fall event organized by Paul Decampo and Michael Sacco, and a fall mushroom event.

Catherine  Garson spoke to the meeting about the World Society for the Protection of Animals, and its view that animal welfare is a part of the conversation about food and food choices.  Catharine would like to explore collaboration between WSPA and Slow Food Toronto, as both groups believe in the importance of informed food choices.

Marina Queirolo spoke to the meeting about Slow Food Toronto membership issues, and that Slow Food International had agreed to let Slow Food Toronto collect Slow Food memberships and membership fees.  Slow Food Toronto will take the opportunity of food-themed events in the city to explain the concept of Slow Food, and the benefits of membership, to persons attending the events.


The meeting concluded at 7:35.


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