Made From Scratch: Terra Madre Day 2012

terra-madre-day-2012-slow-food-torontoWhen we set out to plan our Terra Madre Day Made From Scratch event we never anticipated how many great contributions we’d get from everyone. We heard from people by email, on Twitter and on Facebook. You shared some amazing photos, really excellent recipes, and stories about your own Made From Scratch meals.

As promised, we are sharing this with everyone here and we are delighted we can! Just look at some of these great meals! It’s awesome to look at it all again and be inspired to get back into the kitchen cooking good, clean, fair food from scratch.

While we don’t have to wait until next year to cook from scratch (NO WAY! Everyday is Cook From Scratch Day!) we are all really looking forward to Terra Madre 2013 when we hope to get the whole city (okay, the whole country!) cooking and sharing more great local good food together.

A huge and most heartfelt thanks goes to the SLOW FOOD TORONTO volunteers that helped work on Terra Madre Day. And we are very grateful to the kind and most generous donations from the following Slow Food members for providing the great gifts we were able to give to a few lucky draw winners:

Best Baa Dairy/Ewenity
Caplansky’s Delicatessen
Magic Oven

Looking forward to next year! Let’s get everyone cooking from scratch!

Voula Halliday, Slow Food Toronto

Check out our MADE FROM SCRATCH album of all of the photo submissions we received here!

Check out the great blogs and reflections participants wrote about Terra Madre Day:
Shirley Lum: Arctic Char cooked using Hannah Glasse’s 300-yr old recipe with a twist
Jill Chen: Dumplings made from scratch for lunch. Get my mother’s recipe here!
Joel MacCharles: Sugar cookies (with bourbon and fermented Ontario jalapenos) for our cookie swap tonight.
Jill Chen: Steamed tilapia with ginger & black bean. Our first fish harvest from our basement aquaponics.
Laurie Knechtel: While my husband slept, the kids and I made a good, clean, fair roast chicken dinner.
Janine Buisman Wilcox: My reflections on Terra Madre Day

Take a look at the recipes that were shared:
Linda Kohlmann’s Soupe aux Poireaux
Janet Davis’s Lemony Hummus
Billy Davis’s Chicken Fricot with dumplings
Dawn’s Parsnip Red Fife Quick Bread
Marina’s Chimichurri Sauce
Michael’s Linguini with Littlenecks and Garlic

Photo of dumplings: Jill Chen

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