Call for Papers: Competing Visions of Agriculture

Quality versus Quantity: Competing Visions of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Life

The Agricultural History Society Annual Conference
Springfield, Illinois, June 15-18, 2011

NEW Deadline for Submissions, October 15, 2010

Contemporary debates about food, agriculture, and rural life are often framed in opposition with little attention to historical context. Proponents of the local, slow, and organic often emphasize quality while advocates of the global, fast, and industrial stress quantity to satisfy world demand for food. The Agricultural History Society invites proposals for papers that engage or transcend these debates by examining questions about quality and quantity as they relate to food, farming, and/or rural life from a historical perspective. We especially welcome submissions that counter or reframe the accepted narratives of the field. Topics from any time period and location are welcome. The AHS encourages proposals of all types and formats, including traditional sessions with successive papers and commentary, thematic panel discussions or debates, roundtables on recent books/films, and poster presentations. The program committee prefers complete session proposals, but individual paper proposals are welcome. The AHS extends a special welcome to graduate students and provides up to $250 in travel reimbursement to each graduate student whose paper is accepted for the conference. Paper proposals should consist of a 200-word abstract and one-page CV. Session proposals should include a 200-word session summary to accompany the 200-word paper abstracts as well as a one-page CV for each participant.

Submit all proposals to:
Joe Anderson
Mount Royal University
[email protected]

Questions may be directed to any member of the program committee:
Jenny Barker-Devine
Illinois College
[email protected]

Mark Hersey
Mississippi State University
[email protected]

Susan Sessions Rugh
Brigham Young University
[email protected]

David Vail
Kansas State University
[email protected]

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